IVOLO’s mission is to support young people in reaching their potential through international mobility educational experiences: internships, traineeships, apprenticeships, voluntary service, youth exchanges, participation in training courses and seminars. IVOLO has developed contacts with a wide range of similar organisations who share our values and beliefs throughout Europe and the USA.

We work in partnership with educational establishments, VET colleges, youth centres, and the local community to strengthen relationships and offer opportunities to young people especially those facing some form of disadvantage whilst ensuring that young people are at the centre of everything we do.

We have established a Europe wide network in over 20 countries and the USA offering quality training, conferences, seminars, work placements, job shadowings, youth exchanges and cultural experiences for the benefit of young people and youth organisations. During the past year much of our work concentrated on providing career guidance, professional counselling, and information services for young NEETs.

Our longer term vision and goals include developing a wide scale active citizenship approach among youth based on their transversal skills development, mainstreaming, promoting and highlighting new and progressive pedagogical technologies and methods, championing community action and actively supporting community beneficial social – economic initiatives.

Latest News

World Skills London 2011

IVOLO are active in the Erasmus+ Programme with the mobility legs of our projects ready to go once travel restrictions are lifted and it is safe for groups to meet face to face. IVOLO is also currently working with the European Youth Foundation and will offer International opportunities to learners through the new Turing Scheme, subject to funding.

Are You… ?


Are you a young person under the age of 30 who would like to become a friend of IVOLO? If so please contact us and we will provide you information about how to become a friend and the many benefits!

What we do


Our activities include Internships, Traineeships, Apprenticeships, Youth Exchanges, Seminars, Training Course and Study Visits, Voluntary opportunities in the UK and also internationally, Fundraising activites and many more. Read more about what we do

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